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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my dog be left in the yard?

If we have been introduced to the dog(s) and they are friendly, we do not mind if they are in the yard. The Customer understands that if on the scheduled day of service, if dogs are left in the yard while you are not home and we have not met the dogs, Scoop an Oops cannot provide services and the scoop will then be skipped and charges will still apply. This is for the safety of our technicians and your dogs.

Do I have to be home for the service?

No however, for the first service we would like to meet with you and your dog so that we can all get acquainted as well as discuss your yard and the service. After our initial meeting, you do not have to be home for further poop scoops. If you are not going to be home it is important to provide us with any key or gate access, if necessary, while you are not home. If we arrive for our scheduled service and cannot access the yard, you will still be charged for the service.

Do you clean your tools between poop scoops?

Yes, we clean and sanitize our rake and bucket after every house and we use a new bag to line our buckets before every house. We also wear booties over our shoes to prevent cross contamination of possible diseases in dog poop - from yard to yard.

Can I only have a one time clean-up?

Yes, whether you need a one time clean-up for a backyard gathering or even selling your house, we are here to do the job. Please note that one time scoops start at $55 and go up from there based on the waste accumulation in the yard. We recommend signing up for one of our weekly poop scooping services to maintain your yard and keep it poop-free!

How am I billed?

You will receive all invoices through our secure client portal, Jobber, where we accept debit and credit card payments. If you sign up for a weekly poop scooping service after the initial scoop, you will be pre-billed on the day that you start weekly services. For all recurring/weekly services we require you to save a debit or credit card on file for easy, automatic billing each month.

What happens if there’s bad weather?

Typically our scoopers work rain or shine. However, in the chance there is severe weather, we will either try our best to reschedule your service for another day in the week or continue the following week on your designated service day. You will receive an email or text to notify you if we need to skip a service visit. If severe weather continues through the week, your service will resume on your next scheduled service date.

Why is important to clean up dog waste? Isn't good fertilizer?

First, dog poop is NOT a fertilizer and takes over a year to fully breakdown. Dog poop is also hazardous, as parasites, including (but not limited to) roundworm and hookworm, can be found in infected dog poop. A single gram of dog waste can contain over 20 million fecal coli form bacteria, glardia and salmonella.

To ensure the safety of our clients and their pets, we change waste bags at each clients home, clean all of our tools and sanitize our shoes with a disinfectant.

What days will you be coming to my yard?

Your clean-up day will be assigned upon your signing up for our service. The day of clean-up is based upon where your home is located and which route you will be placed on.

Do I have to sign a contract?

If you are one of our residential customers, you can cancel service at any time. Please note that if you decide to resume poop scooping services after 2+ weeks without a clean up, you will be charged the initial $30+ cleaning fee again before resuming weekly scooping services.

For our commercial customers, we do require a contract.

Do you have more questions?

Send us an email at

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